Hippogryph Tabletop Roleplaying Zine

ZineQuest and Print Versions

Today we want to take a moment to address a couple of Frequently Asked Questions about ZineQuest and print versions of hippogryph ttrpg zine.

Will there be print versions of the zine available?

Yes, eventually. We are in Finland. Most of our readers are in the United States. International shipping rates are a harsh mistress. To print the zine here and mail it out would be cost-prohibitive.

The best alternative is to do print-on-demand fulfillment through DriveThruRPG. That requires us to approve a proof (basically a sample copy they send to us to make sure everything looks good) before making that option available to readers. Sending the proofs to Finland takes time, often several weeks.

While we continue to look for better alternatives, there’s going to be a lag between the release of the PDF and the availability of a print version.

What we plan to do is send readers who have purchased the PDF a coupon code when the print version becomes available. This will allow you to purchase print copies at cost.

Are you doing Kickstarter’s ZineQuest?

We aren’t doing ZineQuest, and the answer once again is because we’re in Finland. Project creation is not currently offered here by Kickstarter. While we’re aware that there are Finnish-based publishers and creators who have run Kickstarter campaigns, they likely had partners in a supported country working with them or running the campaign for them.

Get your PDF copy of Issue Zero now at DriveThruRPG

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