[Video] The YouTube Channel is LIVE

Yes, I have taken the plunge and started a Dancing Lights Press YouTube channel. Through the awkwardness and cringe I explain why I’m doing it in the introductory video. Please take a moment to check it out, like and subscribe, and maybe even give me a signal boost.

The channel is intended to supplement the blog here. It’s going to be incredibly basic, in keeping with the overall aesthetic of Dancing Lights Press. The set is a blank wall in my living room; the camera operator is my wife Katie. I think I’ve done Roger Corman proud in turning out something watchable with no budget.

It’s an experiment. If it goes over, I’ll keep making them. That’s why I’d like your feedback, either in the comments below or in the comments section on YouTube. Inevitably, if it catches on, I will do videos where I answer questions. This in already an unprecedented amount of interaction with me.

The first several videos are going to be shotgunned up. As in, as soon as I shoot a few they’ll go live. Once I’ve got some foundational content up, and I’ve seen how people respond, I’ll look at setting up a schedule. I might do one or two a week, depending on what I have to say and the sort of content you’d like to see.

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  1. The channel description doesn’t have a link to this address. Is it intentional?

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