Worldbuilding Power: Aberrations

Use strange beings and alien creatures in character development, worldbuilding, and adventures!

People frequently want to add Lovecraftian horrors to their fantasy games, but they’ve been there since the beginning. Thing that are beyond the day-to-day existence of a standard high fantasy setting. Creatures so strange that their aims and desires are unfathomable. Beings that are so unlike humans, elves, and dwarves that they surely must originate in some alien world. These are our aberrations. Their appearance is bizarre, their abilities frightening, and their motives utterly utterly alien. These are things that should not exist anywhere outside of a nightmare.

It’s tempting to suggest that aberrations shouldn’t be part of your worldbuilding. In many ways they ought to defy explanation. They simply don’t belong, so just throwing them into your setting haphazardly feel appropriate. The thing is, once they’ve appeared they are part of the world. Their existence will lead people to question their beliefs about reality, cosmology, and even the nature of good and evil. Beyond being a quick scare, an aberration can shatter assumptions about everything, from historical facts to the nature of magic itself.

In this book, we’ll show you how to utilize these dreaded oddities in your worldbuilding endeavors. You’ll see how they can influence character, setting, and story elements. By the end, you’ll understand how to make aberrations into an essential, useful, and entertaining part of your campaign.

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