Why the Right Gaming Space Matters

Surely everyone has encountered this one: You want to roleplay. The problem is, there’s nowhere for the group to meet. Because you all desperately want to game, you take what you can get. The logic is that something is better than nothing. You might be miserable, distracted, or cramped, but hey, at least you’re playing, right? If you’ve ever been in one of these less-than-ideal situations you know why the right gaming space matters.

Why the Right Gaming Space Matters

If it’s too hot, everyone gets irritable and no one has any fun. When there’s not enough table space, and you have to balance stuff on your lap, you end up focused on that rather than what’s happening on in the game. Should you find yourself in a public space, there are a range of potential issues. Other groups at nearby tables are loud. Players are self-conscious because they feel like there’s an audience. The host might have animals that want attention, or shed, or enjoy getting into the table.

At some point I hit a breaking point. There are conditions that are now deal breakers for me. I won’t do it. If no comfortable space exists, there is no game. That means that everyone has to be content, if not happy with the environment. It’s a tall order, and some people might think it’s unreasonable, but come on. Roleplaying is an investment. It takes time, creative energy, and some amount of money. There are opportunity costs, meaning attending this game means you’re not doing something else.

I wish people would put as much thought into this as they do into worldbuilding, campaign ideas, and character builds. Roleplaying is social, and you can’t be social if you feel like you’re suffering. The right gaming space matters because it affects the mood and the players, than that impacts everything.

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