What I Learned: January 2022 Newsletter

This week’s newsletter was more work than I expected, but not a lot of work overall. That’s a key thing I learned while putting together the January 2022 Newsletter. Allow me to elaborate…

What I Learned: January 2022 Newsletter

There are two reasons why I decided on a monthly format. For a start, it establishes consistency. As a reader, you know that it will be available on the first Thursday of each month. The second reason is quality. Rather than coming up with things to say every week and having to slam something out, I can take more time and craft something better.

That’s the mantra of the entire Lightspress relaunch: fewer things, better.

To prepare for this, I needed to come up with a format. What do I want people to know? What questions do people ask regularly? How can that be compiled into a single, useful document every month? That was a lot of up-front work for the first issue. Going forward that part is done. There’s still more to it than simply filling in the blanks, but I see this become progressively easier month after month.

I want the newsletter to be useful and informative. While I have help now, Lightspress Media is still a one-person operation. The majority of the work still falls to me. As an introvert and noted curmudgeon, I always put social interaction at the bottom of my list. It is the thing I am least good at, and the part of this job that I find the hardest to do. I like interacting with people, but it’s difficult to put myself out where I can do that. I learned that this format gives me some comfort level and paves the way for more interaction, possibly, in the future.

This issue was a lot of extra work because it’s the first one. Now that all of the thinking and planning is over, I can focus on content going forward. I want this issue to be good, but I also know that next month will be better.

You can read or listen to the newsletter free on the Lightspress Media Patreon page! It’s possible to follow without becoming a patron, but only members can submit questions for the Q&A! Check it out now at patreon.com/lightspress.

I hope you’re doing well today.

Berin Kinsman
Lightspress Media