hippogryph: welcome to issue zero

hippogryph issue zero

Welcome to Issue Zero. A hippogryph the poster child for two things that by all logic should not go together, yet somehow combine into a new entity that not only works, but elevates both components. It’s a strange hybrid creature, combining elements of a giant eagle with a horse. Various cultures over time have used it as a symbol for everything from the perplexing nature of religious belief to the immeasurable power of romantic love. For me, the hippogryph represents how the whole can be more than the mere sum of its parts. It’s lofty yet grounded, poetic yet practical.

I named this project Hippogryph because it’s full of such dichotomies. This is both set of playable rules, and a format for discussing the culture of tabletop roleplaying. The hobby at its core is the melding of wargaming and storytelling. My strongest influences are both heavier legacy games like Dungeons & Dragons, and lighter, free-form systems like Fate Accelerated. My goal is to leverage the strengths of each element, use them to compensate for their collective flaws and drawbacks, and create something singular, entertaining, and useful.

Welcome to Issue Zero.

hippogryph issue zero is available at drivethrurpg

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