DoubleZero System

DoubleZero: Weapon and Vehicle Statistics

There’s an elephant in the room that I need to address. The system that inspired DoubleZero leans heavily into weapon and vehicle statistics. Fans love writing up stat blocks detailing the unique benefits and drawbacks of real-world cars, guns, airplanes, and so on. That’s cool. I won’t be doing that in the Core Book, and I wanted to take a moment to explain why.

  1. The book is going to be 96 pages, digest sized. I know that The British Secret Agent Game was only around 160 pages. Obviously, some things need to be cut. My goal is to keep the content tight and essential.
  2. The system will be released under the Open Game License, so if you want to develop and publish weapon and vehicle statistics, go forth and prosper. I look forward to seeing it, but it’s not where I feel I need to put my “line development” efforts right now.
  3. I don’t think the granularity of the system supports that sort of subtlety and nuance. The difference between 1d6 and 1d8 isn’t that substantial. So I’m going with one 9mm pistol being the same an another, and a sports car is a sports car is a sports car.
  4. My design choices lean toward lifting up the characters over their gear. It’s important to know that a Chrysler Town and Country minivan is slower, and doesn’t handle as well, as a Ferrari Roma. It’s more important to know a character can be victorious in spite of equipment limitations.
  5. The follow-up books that I want to write and release are worldbooks. They will have setting-specific weapon and vehicle statistics in them, but will focus mainly on characters and story hooks. My passion isn’t in writing a whole book full of equipment right now.