Trans Rights are Human Rights

Trans women are women, trans men are men, and trans rights are human rights. 

This isn’t how I’d planned to start my first day back in the office, but here we are. I made a commitment that starting now I was going to make this company into the publisher you deserve, and the type of business I can be proud of. So yeah, that means occasionally I’ll be talking about things that aren’t strictly “TTRPG related” (but I’ll get back to that point shortly).

Why do I bring this up? Partly because it’s the right thing to do. I want to make my anti-bigotry stance crystal clear. Partly because the topic has been blowing up on TTRPG Twitter for the past few days. Some old-timey grognards went full “biological determinist” and kept doubling down, and no one’s having it. I don’t support that sort of willful ignorance.

Tabletop Roleplaying is About People

The game is what happens around the table. Rulebooks are toolkits. Dice and miniatures and such are just things. The heart of the hobby is not just imagination, but the relationships we build with other players and other people who share our interests.

If you want to be in this hobby in any capacity, on any level, it begins with treating everyone with dignity and respect. Period. Full stop. That means that anything having to do with working and playing well with other is, by default, TTRPG-related.

No, I didn’t say anything during Pride month. I was preoccupied with relocating Dancing Lights Press, and the rest of my life, to a new country. I put a stick in the ground that I’d be doing things like this — being more open, more transparent, more human — after the move. Now is better than never.

For those who say they don’t want politics in their TTRPG fun, well, get over it. I’d say that attempts at LGBTQ+ oppression and erasure — that’s what trying to keep people from talking about it comes down to — are far more political than acknowledging that people exist, and are deserving of love and happiness.