Today in Unnecessary Transparency

There is no Developer Journal today because I’m fighting a wicked cold. It’s not a big deal, but compounded with some other health issues has laid me out for a few days. That’s why there was no Non-Secret Newsletter yesterday, and there may not be either a Non-Secret or Secret Newsletter tomorrow. That’s today in unnecessary transparency.

I’d rather lose a few days of productivity and get well than power through and end up losing weeks. That’s one of the rare perks of being self-employed; I don’t have a corporate overlord demanding that I risk my health and come into work or giving me guilt for taking a sick day or two. You learn to manage deadlines, so you have some slack in your schedule for these sorts of occasions.

Today in Unnecessary Transparency

My original plan for today was to write about being subtweeted by Rob “co-creator of Fate” Donoghue. It got me thinking about the need for another “manifesto” explaining how the toolkit approach ties into the lo-fi publishing aesthetic and the Black Box Manifesto. I want to make it clear how settings fit in the toolkit approach.

I had an unpleasant Twitter exchange that I may or may not share in a journal entry. Someone asked what I thought was a serious business question, and I gave them a serious answer. After some back-and-forth where the person rejected facts and became increasingly rude, he admitted that he wasn’t arguing in good faith. I like answering questions and sharing what has worked for me. I don’t enjoy getting mocked for trying to be helpful. It made me once again rethink my fight against introversion.

I hope you’re doing well today.