This is Not the Last Post

This is not the last post.

The RPGaDay challenge seemed like a way to start RPG blogging again, but with an exit strategy. I was only committing to do this for 31 days. At the end of it I could walk away. If for some reason I wasn’t finding to to be fun (the reason I quit almost exactly 10 years ago), I could stop. Should it turn out to be a huge time sink, or if I just couldn’t come up with anything interesting to say, at the end of the month I could call it quits.

I went into this with no expectations. If it found an audience, great. I know that blogging is allegedly dead, and that it wouldn’t get a lot of views or comments. While I might get some attention for the things Dancing Lights Press publishes, I wasn’t going to try to be an official house organ. That amounted to a lack of pressure, which really allowed me to cut loose with my opinions and enjoy myself. It was something I needed.

This is Not the Last Post

This experience has been cathartic. I’ve been able to say some things that I’ve had bottled up, or hadn’t found the proper venue to express. The format has made the writing easy. In short, it was fun, it hasn’t been time consuming, and it turns out that I do have enough to say to sustain this for a while. So I’m going to continue. Not every day, but there will be new posts Monday through Friday.

I’m going to gather up each month’s posts and publish them as an ezine, starting with the posts related to this challenge. You’ll be able to find them at DriveThruRPG. It’s another way for these writings to find an audience. A few people might trickle over here to the blog. If nothing else, it will allow people to binge-read in PDF, Kindle and epub formats.

Thanks for tuning in, folks. I hope you’ll stick with me going forward, and tell your friends. There is much more to come.

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Dancing Lights Press publishes story games that embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation. Our print books are affordable, at $10 or less. The 6×9 digest format makes them convenient to carry around. The spotlight belongs on the creativity of the players as they converse and collaborate on plot, worldbuilding, and character development. Roleplaying is an activity, not a book. Our titles are merely part of the delivery system.

You can buy Dancing Light Press products at DriveThruRPG

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