The Week’s Hottest: 4 July 2021

Here are this week’s Hottest titles and bundles for the week ending 4 July 2021. Visit the Dancing Lights Press page at DriveThruRPG to see our full catalog of tabletop roleplaying products, including the latest releases and bundle deals!

New Release: Medieval Humanities

Medieval HumanitiesMedieval Humanities: A system-agnostic sourcebook in 3 volumes for any fantasy or historical game. 

The object of the Medieval Reference series is to show the influences that shaped the Middle Ages. The Greeks and their mythologies, the Romans and their Empire, and the rise of Christianity all had to exist in order for what we think of as Medievalism to come about. The earlier events contextualize the period. Understanding how Europeans interpreted, remixed, and assimilated those cultural influences allow us to make sense of some of the strange, brutal, and beautiful things we think of when we talk about Medieval Europe.

Even if you’re not using a medieval setting, understanding the period can help you become better at worldbuilding. You can craft better adventures, not just by cannibalizing and remixing tales from history, but by understanding the connections between historical events. Having a grasp of history can even help to create better characters, by connecting them to richer back stories, understanding the cultural, religious, and political motivations for their actions, and giving them a grander sense of purpose.

Hottest Titles: 4 July 2021

  1. Medieval Humanities Volume 1
  2. IMedieval Humanities Volume 2
  3. Medieval Humanities Volume 3
  4. Early Middle Ages Volume 1
  5. Medieval Origins Volume 2
  6. IMedieval Origins Volume 3
  7. Medieval Origins Volume 1
  8. Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters
  9. Adventure Generator Vol. 1
  10. A History of Witchcraft, Volume 1

Hottest Bundles

  1. A Pirate Who’s Who [BUNDLE]
  2. Building Series [BUNDLE]
  3. Demonology & Witchcraft [BUNDLE]
  4. DoubleZero Essentials [BUNDLE]
  5. Early Middle Ages [BUNDLE]
  6. Every Dollar Title [BUNDLE]
  7. Gamemaster Tools [BUNDLE]
  8. Hippogryph Essentials [BUNDLE]
  9. History of Witchcraft [BUNDLE]
  10. Medieval Humanities [BUNDLE]

Upcoming Releases

We’re now in our new studio space. Unfortunately, we still have no office furniture or media equipment. Which means we’re running more bare-bones than usual. As we get up to speed over the next few weeks, I’ll let you know what’s in the pipeline.

The Week’s Hottest: 4 July 2021

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