The Week’s Hottest: 13 June 2021

Here are this week’s Hottest titles and bundles for the week ending 13 June 2021. Visit the Dancing Lights Press page at DriveThruRPG to see our full catalog of tabletop roleplaying products, including the latest releases and bundle deals!

We Are Moving

Dancing Lights Press is moving to new studio space! We’re going to a whole new country! This is going to allow us to grow and become the sort of publisher we want to be. As we pack up, physically move, and get set up again in our new location, we will undoubtedly be slow to respond to your messages. I want to thank you in advance for your understanding.

New Releases

Medieval Society [BUNDLE]The fourth installment in the Medieval Reference series, Medieval Society is a system-agnostic sourcebook for any historical or fantasy game. It presents a look at the cultural influences at the time when feudalism was on the rise. The social hierarchy brought with it knights, poetry, and romanticism while also codifying a caste system. Based on the academic work of Henry Osborn Taylor, it focuses on the effect of these social changes on scholarship and culture, for better or worse, with both a sympathetic eye toward the people of the time, and a critical judgment that can only be gained in retrospect.

This volume is filled with information that can be mined for worldbuilding details usable in your own settings. There are colorful characters that can be adapted as villains and non-player characters. Story hooks abound, either as background details for your game world, or as adventure seeds for player characters to pursue.

While it has become less prevalent over time, medievalism was a heavy component of early tabletop roleplaying games. You could drag in elements of Moorcock’s Melnibone, Lieber’s Lankhmar, Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, anything you wanted, but they’d all end up assimilated and patched over the default, baseline setting of some fictional Medieval Europe. There has been justifiable criticism of this in the decades since, but it can’t be denied that the Middle Ages were a powerful influence on D&D and nearly all tabletop fantasy for a long time.

In presenting the Medieval Reference series, my goal is to get people to look beyond official gaming material for inspiration. There is a wealth of ideas to be found in history, biographies, and older fiction from before the tabletop roleplaying game era that is waiting to be tapped. My hope is that this book with fire up your imagination, and help you to discover new possibilities.

Hottest Titles: 13 June 2021

  1. Medieval Origins Volume 1
  2. Early Middle Ages Volume 1
  3. Demonology & Witchcraft, Volume 1
  4. Medieval Origins Volume 2
  5. Medieval Origins Volume 3
  6. A History of Witchcraft, Volume 1
  7. Medieval Saints Volume 1
  8. Early Middle Ages Volume 2
  9. Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters
  10. A History of Witchcraft Volume 4

Hottest Bundles

  1. A Pirate Who’s Who [BUNDLE]
  2. Building Series [BUNDLE]
  3. Demonology & Witchcraft [BUNDLE]
  4. DoubleZero Essentials [BUNDLE]
  5. Early Middle Ages [BUNDLE]
  6. Every Dollar Title [BUNDLE]
  7. Gamemaster Tools [BUNDLE]
  8. Hippogryph Essentials [BUNDLE]
  9. History of Witchcraft [BUNDLE]
  10. Medieval Origins [BUNDLE]

Upcoming Releases

Here are the upcoming releases from Dancing Lights Press. The following titles are complete and scheduled for release. Specific dates and product names are subject to change because the world is a messy and unpredictable place.

  • Notorious Pirates (Pirate Reference Series, system-agnostic)
  • Campaign Journaling: A revised and greatly expanded edition of Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters.
  • Character Journaling: This is essentially Bullet Journaling for Players.
  • DoubleZero Releases: There will be an announcement soon about upcoming releases for the DoubleZero System.
  • Hippogryph Releases: There will be an announcement soon about upcoming releases for the Hippogryph System.

The Week’s Hottest: 13 June 2021

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