The Last Hurrah for Older Titles

Christmas in July is the last hurrah for many of our older tabletop roleplaying titles and system-agnostic creative aids, so act now!

The Last Hurrah for Older Titles

We don’t run our own sales, but we do participate in the spectacular site-wide events at DriveThruRPG. Christmas in July is an opportunity to pick up many of our best-selling titles at up to 25% off. It’s also your last chance to pick up titles that will be discontinued soon, at a discounted price.

As we continue to work on revised and remastered editions of the successful Building Series titles, the DoubleZero System line, and the Hippogryph System, we’ll let the sun set on books that fall outside of those lines.

Our focus going forward is on doing fewer things, better. The older titles are still useful books. They’re mostly system-agnostic aids for tabletop roleplayers. But they don’t fit with my vision for Dancing Lights Press going forward. I want to be the publisher that you deserve, and release only the highest quality material.

I also want to remind you that as the re-edited, reformatted, and remastered titles are released, they’ll be pushed as updates to the existing titles. They’re not going to be new editions that you need to purchase again. If you buy the current editions, you’ll be able to download the new editions for free. In many case the price will increase when the new edition is released, so buying now is your absolute best value.

Thank You For Your Support

As always, I want to thank you for your support of Dancing Lights Press. These past five years have been a challenge, but I’ve learned and grown so much. This year has been rough, with the relocation from Finland to the United States. Things only get better from here. I look forward to fulfilling the promise of what a small, lo-fi publisher can be.

Berin Kinsman
Man in the Arena
Dancing Lights Press