The End is Near — for the Reference Series

The End is Near — for the Reference Series! I’ve created a reference closeout mega-bundle containing all of the titles that are going away at the end of this month. Individual titles are already marked down to $1 each. The bundle is 20% off, which takes the total to $25.60, rounded to an even $25.

Even though these titles are recent additions to our catalog, the Reference Series books are being discontinued. These include the MedievalPirates, and Witchcraft lines. As of 1 October 2021, they will no longer be available through DriveThruRPG.

This month is your last chance to grab some great stuff. To make that easier, I have reduced individual titles to $1 each, with bundle prices adjusted accordingly. 

Megabundle: All Reference Titles for $25

There are several reasons for this decision. As a company, Dancing Lights Press has changed over time. These titles do not always represent our best work. They certainly don’t reflect my vision for the future. Mainly, I want to focus on original works that are more concretely roleplaying-oriented. 

The Reference Series titles at DriveThruRPG.

Dancing Lights Press | DXP is a tabletop roleplaying company with a lo-fi approach to design and publishing. Utility of content takes precedence over ostentatious production value. Graphic elements should only be used to enhance the message of the text, not merely as filler and eye candy. Physical books need to be compact, portable, and study.

This minimalist aesthetic results in powerful toolkits that are both useful and affordable. After all, tabletop roleplaying isn’t the book. It’s the expression of creativity and heartfelt collaboration that takes place around the tabletop. Our mission is to give you as much as you need, and then get out of your way.