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hippogryph issue two: why do a wrestling issue?

Why do a wrestling issue? Let’s get straight to the elephant in the room: If you don’t give a hoot about professional wrestling, why would you want to buy, let alone read, this issue of Hippogryph? It’s simple. If your interest is in the wargaming-influenced side of tabletop roleplaying, the horse part of the Hippogryph, […]

Hippogryph Tabletop Roleplaying Zine

hippogryph issue two: in this issue

in this issue: why do a wrestling issue? – If you don’t care about professional wrestling, why are you reading this issue? Well, it’s about unarmed combat, improvised weapons, character development, and storytelling. That’s RPG material right there. characters: wrestler archetypes – How to make RPG characters inspired by professional wrestling. Whether you’re using the Hippogryph mechanics […]