Now Available: Notorious Pirates

Notorious Pirates is a system-agnostic sourcebook for any historical or fantasy game. As author Claud Lovat Fraser explains in his preface, it is based on earlier works spanning back to the early 1700s. Even he admits that this is far from a comprehensive collection, being as it is limited to the standard collection of WesternContinue reading “Now Available: Notorious Pirates”

Now Available: Murder & Mutiny

Murder & Mutiny is a system-agnostic sourcebook in 4 volumes, for any historical or fantasy game. It contains true tales of shipwrecks, mutineers, and mayhem on the high seas! This volume is filled with information that can be mined for worldbuilding details usable in your own settings. There are colorful characters that can be adaptedContinue reading “Now Available: Murder & Mutiny”

New Series New Bundles! Pirates, Witches, Middle Ages

New Series New Bundles! Pirates, Witches, Middle Ages! System-agnostic reference books to help you with worldbuilding details, adventure design, and character development! Medieval Origins History, especially Medieval history, informs many tabletop roleplaying game settings. This series looks at the events and cultural shifts that led to the period we know as the Middle Ages. AContinue reading “New Series New Bundles! Pirates, Witches, Middle Ages”

Now Available: The Pirates’ Who’s Who

Hello, Light Brigade! This version of The Pirates’ Who’s Who, presented in 4 volumes, was edited with the creative tabletop roleplayer in mind. It provides an overview of the topic of piracy, and discussed the way its history has been documented. There’s a lot of information, but not so much that it overwhelms, or leavesContinue reading “Now Available: The Pirates’ Who’s Who”