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Now Available: Medieval Society

The fourth installment in the Medieval Reference series, Medieval Society is a system-agnostic sourcebook for any historical or fantasy game. It presents a look at the cultural influences at the time when feudalism was on the rise. The social hierarchy brought with it knights, poetry, and romanticism while also codifying a caste system. Based on […]

Now Available: Demonology & Witchcraft

A system-agnostic sourcebook in 5 volumes for any historical, horror, or fantasy game. Demonology & Witchcraft is based on letters written by novelist Sir Walter Scott, a lifelong student of folklore and history, as well as other sources from the same period. In many ways Scott’s work represents the first attempt at scholarship regarding witchcraft and […]

Now Available: Medieval Saints Vol 2 & 3

Medieval Saints is a system-agnostic sourcebook in 3 volumes for any historical, or fantasy game. It presents a look at what life was like for monks, how the monastic system operated, and the influence that monks and clergy who later became venerated as saints had over religious practice, culture, and political policies throughout the Middle […]