Now Available: Building Series Bundle

A collection of toolkits for gamemasters, worldbuilders, and other creative roleplayers! The Building Series Bundle is a collection of 10 bestselling toolkits for tabletop roleplayers! Each book is system-agnostic and usable with any of your favorite games and settings! As with all bundles at DriveThruRPG, you only pay for the titles you haven’t previously purchased,Continue reading “Now Available: Building Series Bundle”

Building Worlds: Table of Contents

Hello, Light Brigade! Here’s the table of contents for Building Worlds. This will give you an idea about what’s included in the book, and the covered. Contents Introduction Using This Book Characters and Worldbuilding Adventures and Worldbuilding Rules and Worldbuilding Worldbuilding Format Name Description Purpose Modifiers Story Points Worldbuilding Elements Premise Genre Place and TimeContinue reading “Building Worlds: Table of Contents”

Now Available: Building Worlds

A minimalist 96-page guide to help you create memorable settings for any tabletop roleplaying system. Worldbuilding can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re planning a campaign, designing your own tabletop roleplaying game, or just exercising your creativity with no set purpose in mind, developing a setting of your very own is deeply satisfying. YouContinue reading “Now Available: Building Worlds”