Status: January 2019

This is a monthly status update for Dancing Lights Press. The purpose of this page is to communicate upcoming projects, works in progress, and other information of interest to customers and fans. It will be updated periodically throughout the month. A new status page will be posted on the first of next month. Caveat: Nothing written here is set in stone. Everything is subject to change.

Your comments and questions are welcome. Leave them below or send us a message through the contact form.

New Releases

The following titles are expected to be released this month:

  • Worldbuilding Power: Mountains
  • Worldbuilding Power: Illusion
  • Worldbuilding Power: Aberrations
  • Lighthouse System [Black Box Edition]
  • Foragers World Playset (Lighthouse System)*

*This is not the final title. There is a possibility that it may be pushed back to a February release.


Weekly blogging will begin on January 6th. Sundays will be posts about game design, inspiration, and opinions about roleplaying. Posts made during the week will be announcements and support for titles we publish.

The following posts are expected to appear this month:

  • Sun Jan 6 – On Not Dumbing Things Down
  • Sun Jan 13 – Utilitarian on Purpose
  • Sun Jan 20 – Rules, Systems, and Guidelines
  • Sun Jan 27 – Why We’ll Probably Never Do a Kickstarter


The newsletter will resume on Sunday, January 6th. It will summarize the previous week’s new releases and blog posts, present some editorial content, and announce the next new release.

  • Sun Jan 6 – Topics TBD / Possibly a focus on the Worldbuilding Power series.
  • Sun Jan 13 – Topics TBD / Likely a spotlight on the new Lighthouse System edition.
  • Sun Jan 20 – Topics TBD / Likely another look at the new Lighthouse System edition.
  • Sun Jan 27 – Topics TBD / Probably a spotlight on the Foragers World setting.

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