Statement of Professionalism

Statement of Professionalism

Our aim is to serve not only our customers, but the industry, the community, and the public good. To achieve this, we seek to establish and maintain a high standard of professionalism. Our reputation can only be earned through an ongoing commitment to not only adhere to but exceed these standards. Below are three areas of professional behavior that we feel must be front and center as we continue to grow both the business and our valuable relationships with others.


Established professions have their own code of ethics that are well-known, understood, and enforced. These establish where the lines are, and what happens when people cross them. Medical professionals, lawyers, and educators all have standards they are bound to. Our industry does not for various reasons, some good, some bad. That leaves it up to individual publishers and related organizations to have their own codes of ethics.

Professionals are accountable for their behavior at all times. When they make a mistake, the only proper response is to own their actions and do whatever they can to remedy the situation. Hiding behind rules, shifting the blame, and downplaying the situation is not professional. Neither is citing that something is not against the law; just because it is legal does not make it ethical.


We know that this term sounds old fashioned, but it’s important. A professional stays calm and cool under pressure. They don’t get into arguments, escalate the drama, or feed the trolls. You can be confident without being arrogant or cocky. That doesn’t mean you have to be formal, but there is an upper limit to how casual you can behave. Remain polite, even when people are screaming and swearing at you. Always take the high road.

At a bare minimum, a professional should maintain their composure if only to preserve their own reputation and dignity. In regards to others, the actions they take should always seek to promote respect and minimize conflict. Keep clear of gossip, rude behavior, and discussions that could be construed as offensive or insulting.


A professional can express confidence while still being humble, helpful, and kind. It costs nothing to show compassion and empathy to other people. It creates goodwill with customers, and can be contagious, contributing to happiness and a positive attitude throughout the community. Basic kindness can even make a difficult job more pleasant, because it means that you are able be human and make human connections.

This also means establishing and maintaining boundaries. When you visit a doctor, you probably don’t know his political affiliations, his religious convictions, or his cultural hot buttons. Those aren’t relevant to providing patient care. This doesn’t mean that a professional can’t support an objectively good cause, or take a stance on an important issue. It means that anything of a personal nature that you choose to should serve an expression of professional kindness.

Feedback is Appreciated

We appreciate your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about this. For the moment this is a living document, and we will make changes and updates until we are satisfied that this statement speaks to who we are and who we want to be as a company. When we have finalized this statement, it will be permanently added to the site’s pages.

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