Starship Tyche: The Cosmic Zookeepers

An all new Lighthouse System edition of the space opera story game!

As humanity spreads out among the stars, it begins to discover questions about its own origins. Not only are there other intelligent species improbably similar to humans, there are hints that older, more technologically advanced beings may have had a hand in our development. Who they are, what exactly they have done, and why they have done it remain a mystery.

In Starship Tyche you and you friends take on the roles of Coalition Peacekeepers. Your mission is to investigate sightings of these “Cosmic Zookeepers”. Is humanity what it asserts itself to be? Or in the face of mounting evidence, are just starting to realize that we are something far different than we ever imagined?

This book contains everything you need to play out a complete campaign!

  • Background on the Coalition Peacekeepers, the protagonists of the series that include the crew of the Tyche!
  • Details on the Cosmic Zookeepers, ancient aliens who have shaped mankind and act as the antagonists!
  • 12 ready-to-play characters, the main crew of the Starship Tyche!
  • All the rules necessary to play, a streamlined version of the Lighthouse System!
  • New rules on Psionic Powers for the Lighthouse System!
  • 9 all-new, original stories forming the Infinite Space campaign!

Starship Tyche: The Cosmic Zookeepers is for people who enjoy the elements of creativity and collaboration present in tabletop roleplaying, but are put off by large, expensive manuals full of complicated rules.

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