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Starlight Manifesto: Get the New Edition FREE

Buy the current edition now at a discount, get the new edition free when it’s released. We are currently working on updating this title to conform to the current version of the Lighthouse System and the sensibilities of the Black Box Manifesto. When the new files become available we will update thee files, rather than releasing it as a new product.

Starlight Manifesto

Starlight ManifestoOn Sale Through August 11th! In Starlight Manifesto, players take on the roles of officers in Peacekeeping Force of the Starlight Union. They have sworn an oath to promote understanding between all sentient beings, to serve the people of the Starlight Union, and to protect, maintain, and restore peace in the universe. This is done through exploration and discovery, the spreading of diplomacy and education, and as a last resort, through direct military intervention. Service aboard a Peacekeeping vessel tends to be equal parts scientific expedition, diplomatic outreach, and defensive action.

The majority of the Peacekeepers are from the surviving members of the human race, colonists who can trace their ancestry back to Old Earth. With them are their primary allies, the Taodhan, a slightly older, moderately more advanced race with problems of their own. Other alien cultures from around the Starlight Union round out the ranks, each bringing their own particular strengths and motivations to serve the Peacekeepers’ ongoing mission.

Not everyone shares the Starlight Union’s vision. The traders — some say pirates — of the Brocour don’t like others imposing rules on their commerce. The Fringe Worlds, colonies of Old Earth with opposing ideologies, see the Union as an oppressive force. The Desolate Accord, a shadowy organization with unknown motives, commit seemingly random acts of terrorism. The ancient Zyrosh, the godlike Oshiori, and Kumbru the Machine God all have their own mysterious agendas. And on the border, the Tel’Keth Khanate are awaiting the perfect moment to invade Union Space.

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