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Starlight Manifesto: Black Box Edition

Starlight ManifestoStarlight Manifesto is a space opera story game. As Peacekeepers of the Starlight Union, you have sworn an oath to protect, maintain, and restore peace in the universe. This is done through exploration and discovery, the spreading of diplomacy and education, and as a last resort, through direct military intervention. Service aboard a Peacekeeping vessel tends to be equal parts scientific expedition, diplomatic outreach, and defensive action.

Starlight Manifesto: Black Box Edition

This product contains the following:

  • Welcome to Starlight Manifesto – An overview of the game, with the standard sections on what you need to play and how to use this book.
  • The Universe of the Starlight Union – An overview of the game’s setting, a universe of adventure and intrigue.
  • Peacekeepers – Background on the organization, plus 10 ready-to-play characters including the Command Officer, Diplomat, Engineer, Logistics Specialist, Medic, Flight Engineer, Scientist, Security, Specialist, and Technician.
  • Alien Adversaries – Background on a number of species and cultures, including the merchant traders of the Brocour Enclaves, the mysterious pirates of the Desolate Accord, the isolationist Fringe Worlds, KUMBRU the Machine God, the godlike Oshiori, and the warlike Tel’Keth Khanate.
  • Lighthouse System – All the mechanics you need to play, including the magic system and guidelines for using ethical stances and moral dilemmas in your stories.
  • Psychokinetics – A range of mental powers, from telepathy to telesthesia, along with the complications of using such power.
  • Episode Design – Advice on structuring and running your own Starlight Manifesto game or campaign, using all of the elements included in the books.
  • PDF, epub, and Kindle format versions

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