September 2021 Goal Review

September 2021 Goal Review

Here’s a mid-month update on my current goals. As you’ll see, things are going well so far. I’m on track to get all of this done. On to the September 2021 goal review!

Goal: Release the Director’s Cut Books

The goal was to have at least the first three waves in process at the printer by the end of the month. I stated that I’d likely have the first wave sent off to the printer by the 5th. That didn’t happen. I’m spending more time being meticulous about the editing. I do not want to rush this, especially with Building Characters, Building Worlds, and Building Adventures. Everything else rests on the foundation those books provide.

As it stands, the revised goal is to get the first wave sent off by the end of this month. It’s possible that the second wave will go off to the printer by the end of the month, but the third wave almost definitely won’t go out until October. I’m okay with this.

Launch The Secret Newsletter

Before the end of the month, I want to have the first edition of The Secret Newsletter out. This is on track, and unless life throws me another unexpected curveball it might go out as early as this weekend.

Drop Our First Merch

The goal was to have merch available by the end of the month. This is on track. Current estimate is that t-shirts will be available to order on the 28th. It’s my first time doing this, so don’t be surprised if that date changes. I’d rather push it back for quality control purposes than rush to hit a deadline.

Keep a Developer’ Journal

So far, so good. I’ve been posting something every day. Response has been mixed, but that’s par for the course. Some entries get more views than others. I don’t expect that this will remain daily, simply because of the time it takes. My expectation is that it will drop back to 2 or 3 times per week during October or November. It might revert to daily around December or January, when all of the Director’s Cut books are put to bed and I can go back to working on one project at a time.