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RPGaDay2020 Has Been an Experience

31 days later I can say that RPGaDay2020 has been an experience. It’s been a long time since I’ve attempted to be a daily RPG blogger. This challenge brought back all of the mixed feelings from that time, a dozen years ago and more. It reminded me of why I enjoyed it. At the same time, it dredged up all of the reasons why I quit.

As a working writer, there is already pressure to be constantly creating and publishing. If I don’t release new content on a regular basis, I don’t eat. The difference is that I know what a project is going to be when I go into it. I have an outline, and I know what needs to be written. Whether it takes days, weeks, or months to complete, I have some sort of foundation.

Doing a daily blog, even with a prompt, means having to regularly make something up on the fly. It’s a wonderful creative challenge, but it’s stressful. It can also be crushing when you do have a good idea and pour your heart into it, but no one responds to it or even reads it. With a book that doesn’t sell well, there’s at least a long tail. I can throw it into a bundle and pick up enough sales over time to make it worthwhile. For an RPGaDay challenge, people are pretty much going to read the post for that day, on that day, or never read it at all.

Am I going to continue? Yes, but not daily. I think what I want to say can probably be filtered into a weekly column. There are things that I want to talk about, and now that I’ve found my voice for this era of tabletop roleplaying, you may have a hard time getting me to shut up.

RPGaDay2020 Has Been an Experience

RPGaDay is an annual event held each August. It asks tabletop gamers to use provided daily prompts to express something fun, interesting, and positive about the hobby. David F. Chapman (Autocratik), the award-winning game designer, created it.

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