revelations in cold iron

Revelations in Cold Iron: Get the New Edition FREE

Buy the current edition now at a discount, get the new edition free when it’s released. We are currently working on updating this title to conform to the current version of the Lighthouse System and the sensibilities of the Black Box Manifesto. When the new files become available we will update thee files, rather than releasing it as a new product.

Revelations in Cold Iron

Revelations in Cold IronOn Sale Through August 11th! In this satirical look at the real world where the good guys are often indistinguishable from the bad guys, players take the role of members of a resistance movement fighting the machinations of an occult fascist oligarchy that is taking over the world. Named for the metal believed to be able to repel, contain, and harm malevolent creatures, Cold Iron uses their own magick to wrest control of reality from those who are attempting to rewrite it.

The Cult of Moloch is an international group of privileged and wealthy individuals with roots stretching back millennia. In the 21st century, their power has become so great that they no longer feel they need to hide in the shadows, manipulating things from behind the scenes. Feeding upon human suffering, they seek to remake the world over in their own image, with the cult’s leaders ruling as monarchs and the rest of humanity nothing more than serfs and slaves.

At its heart, Revelations in Cold Iron explores the themes of compassion versus greed, putting others first versus elevating one’s self, and the needs of the many versus the desires of the few. It asks what constitutes good and evil in the modern era, through the context of defining the value of objective truth versus the subjectivity of sincerely held beliefs.

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