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Retribution: Adventure Design Guide

Retribution: Adventure Design Guide

Retribution: Adventure Design Guide

In a Retribution adventure, the player characters will suffer some injustice. It might be something done to them, or to people they care about. This requires them to right that wrong in creative and emotionally satisfying ways. During the course of the adventure, they will have to locate the people responsible, plan how they want to get payback, and gather together the resources to pull it off. By the end, they should be ready to take justice into their own hands and make the target suffer the consequences of their actions.

This series was created specifically with tabletop role-playing games in mind. It’s designed to work with any setting, genre, or rules system. All you need to do is apply the context provided by your player characters, the game world, and your own adventure ideas. Plug in appropriate encounters and challenges, create the villains, monsters, and non-player characters you’ll need, and you’re ready to play.

This book contains the following:

  • Retribution: An overview of this type of adventure, what makes it fun, and ways it can be used again and again to create interesting and unique experiences for your players. Once you embrace these basic elements, the rest of the adventure flows from there.

  • Act I – The Beginning: The elements needed at the start of your adventure, how to structure the opening act, and advice on establishing the adventure goal. It’s where the player characters learn what’s going on and agree to get involved.

  • Act II – The Middle: Elements that define the center of the adventure, structuring the second act, and advice on pursuing the adventure goal. It’s where the characters do most of their exploring, investigating, and other actions necessary to achieving the goal.

  • Act III – The End: Creating the elements for the last segment of the adventure, providing structure for the finale, and advice on completing the adventure goal. It’s where the player characters will confront the villain, achieve what they set out to do, and earn their rewards.

  • Finishing Up: This section shows how to take what happened during the adventure-as-played and use it for plot hooks, character development, and ongoing worldbuilding. Add to your campaign’s canon and leverage the momentum you’ve established.

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