Reference Series

Blame Gary Gygax. He started me down the path that resulted in the Reference Series. If he hadn’t drawn so much inspiration from real-world history, and chucked it wholesale into 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, I might not have been sucked into using it as fodder for my own games. Where other people were inspired by the fiction listed in Appendix N, I was drawn to the strange (but real) vocabulary that he used. Weapons I’d never heard of before. Dungeon features that I had to look up. Terms for characters of various classes and levels that were drawn from actual cultures the existed in the past.

The object of the Reference Series is to provide you easily digestible chunks of history that can serve as inspiration for your own tabletop roleplaying experience. Understanding the real world can help us to become better worldbuilders and gamemasters. We can craft better adventures, not just by cannibalizing and remixing tales from history, but through understanding the connections between historical events. Having a grasp of history can even help us to create better characters, but connecting them to richer back stories, understanding the cultural, religious, and political motivations for their actions, and giving them a grander sense of purpose.

Medieval Series

Pirate Series

Witchcraft Series