Quick Update on Bullet Journaling

This is a quick update on Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters. Originally I had planned to do a revised edition of the current book. Then it became an expanded edition, growing to 96 pages. It continued to grow, and now it’s evolved into two separate books.

In short, I’m going to be releasing two new books, rather than a revision of the original book.

Let me explain the reasons for “new book vs update”. The first is practical. People have been asking for a print edition. A larger page count makes that financially worthwhile for me, and gives you enough content to justify the price point.

The second of quasi-legal. While there’s been no issue with using the terms bullet journal and bullet journaling, I don’t want to end up having any trouble with Ryder Carroll or his publishers somewhere own the line. A simple title change could handle that, but I also wanted to alter some of the jargon inside the book. And frankly, I don’t want people to feel they have to use a dot-grid bullet journal. If you want to use a lined journal, a composition book, a blue book, any sort of paper, the method still works.

The final reason is personal.  I’ve always wanted the book to be more than a rehash of the bullet journal method reskinned for tabletop roleplaying. I think the current edition achieves that, but I think I can go further. That’s part of the reason for the expansion. There’s room for more discussion, more ways to use the journal, and more sample pages.

So What Are The New Books?

Campaign Journaling is still aimed at gamemasters. It covers campaign planning, logging the events of game sessions, and tracking group information. The book will remain system-agnostic, so you can adapt it to the game of your choice, and use it for all of the games they you run.

Character Journaling is for players. It covers using a journal as either a supplement to, or replacement for, a traditional character sheet. It is also system-agnostic, and a wealth of ideas and techniques. Track character statistics, log adventures, expand their back story, and more.

I also plan on releasing system-specific versions of both books for DoubleZero and Hippogryph. The former will focus on real-world, action-oriented campaigns, and the latter will lean into the needs of fantasy worldbuilding and characters.

When Will These Be Available?

I’m aiming to release the system-agnostic versions at the end of June, and the system-specific versions in late July or early August. It all depends on how things go with the move to new studio space, and how quickly we can get things up and running again.

As for the print versions… it’s going to move at the speed of the printer, the main system, and all of the other things have have been causing lags over the past year. I’m not ordering any proofs until we’re established, because I haven’t wanted to risk the proofs showing up at the old address after we’ve moved, the mail not being forwarded, or any other possible headaches.

Quick Update on Bullet Journaling for Gamemasters