Publisher’s Notes: January 2022 Newsletter

Putting together this new monthly newsletter has been both exciting and scary. It marks a departure from the familiarity of MailChimp, for reasons I don’t want to go into just yet. This is also the first serious run at doing an ongoing Patreon, with all of the challenges inherent in that. And it will be available in an audio mini-podcast format, as well as written form. My intention is to bring you consistent, quality information about what’s going on at Lightspress Media.

Along with the new format, I’m adding a monthly Q&A. Although it won’t be live (yet), I will be taking questions from patrons on Patreon and posting my answers this Sunday. The Q&A will be available in both written and audio formats for Patreon subscribers.

All of this matters to me because I want to be more communicative. As an introvert, none of this comes naturally to me. That’s the main reason I’m not live streaming the Q&As or doing any sort of real-time events. As I gain a comfort level with this, those things could happen. For now, we have the written and spoken word.

Lightspress Media is growing quickly. We moved from Finland to the United States so we can better serve the largest segment of our customer base. We’re upping our game, no pun intended, in terms of the quality and frequency of releases. I know this might seem as weird to you as it does to me. I’m asking you to trust me, the way that I’ve trusted you for support and encouragement over the past five years as Dancing Lights Press.

You can read or listen to the newsletter absolutely free on the Lightspress Media Patreon page! It’s possible to follow without becoming a patron, but only members can submit questions for the Q&A! Check it out now at

I hope you’re doing well today.

Berin Kinsman
Lightspress Media