Lighthouse System


Lighthouse System

A simple, universal story game system.

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Settings and Playsets

Development of the Lighthouse System is currently centered on creating playsets. These will contain everything needed to play a single-session story, including an abbreviated version of the system, setting information, pregenerated characters, and the adventure. You don’t need to own the Lighthouse System Core Book to use a playset, but can use it to enhance your experience.

The first wave of playsets will focus on three original settings, each with a different genre and tone.

Foragers Guild

Coming in 2019! In a pulp fantasy world, well-trained specialists locate and recover dangerous mystical artifacts before they fall into the wrong hands. It’s Indiana Jones meets Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser!

The Moloch Timeline

Coming in 2019! Armed with strange magic, a group of resistance fighters takes on the mysterious and malevolent cult that secretly controls the world. A cross between political thriller and Satanic horror!

The Big Zero Network

Coming in 2019! Aliens, witches, and other weird protagonists get into wacky situations as they try to hide their outlandish secrets from their nosy neighbors. It’s a mashup of 1960’s fantasy sitcoms!

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