DoubleZero: Action Thriller Roleplaying

DoubleZeroDoubleZero action thriller roleplaying is a percentile based, skill-driven modern action thriller tabletop game. Keep players on the edge of their seats with dramatic gunfights, thrilling chases, and nefarious death traps. Be anything from a secret agent to a world-weary cop, a hard-boiled private eye to a petty criminal, a trained assassins to a victim on the run. Adversaries range from corporate sociopaths to organized crime rings, political terrorists to serial killers. Possible adventures span forensic investigations, solving cozy whodunits, foiling acts of international espionage, and uncovering vast conspiracies. Protect deadly secrets, handle ransom demands, or plan clever heists and cunning revenge plots. All manner of suspense and intrigue are possible with DoubleZero.

The core book will be 96 pages, digest-sized.

DoubleZero Titles

  • DoubleZero Action Thriller Roleplaying Core Book soon!

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