Domnio is a quick-and-dirty 4-page fantasy roleplaying game. It’s your basic elves and dwarves and fighters and wizards kind of game. There are 5 Attributes: Race, Class, Fighting, Spellcasting, and Other Stuff. Each of these both a die pool and something akin to an aspect in Fate, allowing you to interpret things on the fly. Roll dice, total them, and overcome a difficult target. Make up spells as you go along! Fight monsters! Get treasure! All of that stuff, but with a lot of flexibility and space to be creative.

I originally wrote Domnio several years ago, as part of another project that never came to fruition. It’s been updated to be its own thing, a happy little stand-alone game that’s perfect for a one-shot or short campaign. Some of the concepts eventually evolved into what became the Hippogryph Codex, a fully-featured system that’s openly a collision between D20 and Fate.


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PDF. 4 pages. Minimalist presentation.

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