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This Adventure Generator is a reusable toolkit for any tabletop fantasy roleplaying system or setting. With only a few die rolls you’ll have an outline for an exciting story with clear objectives and a distinct beginning, middle, and end. From there you can customize it to fit your world, your player characters, and your style of play. No generic, single-sentence plot hooks or vague adventure seeds! The Adventure Generator will provide you with enough substance to get you started on creating a unique and challenging roleplaying experience.

The process of generating an adventure is simple:

  • Roll once on the Random Adventure Table. This will lead you to a high-level story outline that you can build upon. There are 10 five-encounter outlines included.
  • Roll once on the Random Environment Table. The result is the primary environment for the adventure. There are 13 types of environments listed.
  • Roll once on the Random Adversary Table. This is the main opponent or predominant creature type throughout the adventure. There are 15 creature types listed.
  • Roll once on the Random Theme Table (Optional). Give your adventure an overarching theme. There are 10 common themes listed.
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PDF. 96 pages. Minimalist presentation.

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