Hippogryph System

Hippogryph is the collision of classic fantasy roleplaying tropes and modern character-driven games. Like the legendary creature, this system is more than the sum of its parts.  Blending established legacy fundamentals with flexible, do-it-yourself game ideals is why the Hippogryph System is where story meets tradition.

Materials Needed for Play

The term theater of the mind originally referred to radio dramas. With no visual aids, performers had to rely solely on narrative to communicate what was happening. In tabletop roleplaying, the term defines a style of play that doesn’t use maps, miniature figures, or other physical game aids.

The Hippogryph System embraces this storytelling-forward approach. You can use props if you choose, but they are not required. In addition to this book, each player should have something to write with and a set of polyhedral dice. That’s it! Anything else is optional.

Hippogryph System Titles

  • Hippogryph Codex: A complete core book inspired by D20 and Fate, a melding of story gaming and traditional tabletop roleplaying.
  • Hippogryph System Reference Document: The fundamental building blocks of Hippogryph available for you to remix under the Open Game License.