DoubleZero System

The DoubleZero System was designed to be used with any “realistic” modern setting that doesn’t lean into magic, the supernatural, or superpowers. The percentile-based, skill-driven tabletop roleplaying system was conceived for thrillers and espionage, but you can dig into mysteries, police procedurals, and crime dramas based on your favorite television series, movies, and novels. 

Materials Needed for Play

The term theater of the mind originally referred to radio dramas. With no visual aids, performers had to rely solely on narrative to communicate what was happening. In tabletop roleplaying, the term defines a style of play that doesn’t use maps, miniature figures, or other physical game aids.

The DoubleZero System embraces this storytelling-forward approach. You can use props if you choose, but they are not required. In addition to this book, each player should have something to write with and a set of polyhedral dice. That’s it! Anything else is optional.

DoubleZero System Titles

  • DoubleZero Core Book: DoubleZero is a percentile-based, skill-driven tabletop roleplaying system. It can be used for settings that don’t lean into magic or powers.
  • DoubleZero Character Sheet: A printable character sheet for all of your DoubleZero tabletop roleplaying needs.
  • DoubleZero Easy Mode: Optional rules resetting the task modifiers for a more freewheeling, cinematic experience.
  • DoubleZero System Reference Document: This collection of text files contains all of the material from the Core Book released under the Open Gaming License.
  • Spectres of Mars: In a gloriously retro-future 2068, Earth is in a Cold War with the mysterious Strangers, energy beings from the Red Planet.
  • Hardboiled Follies: A fish-out-of-water thriller inspired by every story where an ordinary person gets swept up in some sort of nefarious plot.