Dancing Lights Press has 3 main product lines, so there’s sure to be something that appeals to every tabletop roleplaying. All of our products are available at DriveThruRPG.

System Neutral

We publish a bestselling line of system neutral creative aids for all tabletop roleplayers. System neutral means these books were not written for one specific rules set, genre, or setting, allowing you to adapt and apply them to the roleplaying system of your choice. Each volume focuses on one aspect of roleplaying, like character development, worldbuilding, or adventure design.

DoubleZero System

The DoubleZero System was designed to be used with any “realistic” modern setting that doesn’t lean into magic, the supernatural, or superpowers. The percentile based, skill-driven tabletop roleplaying system originally conceived for thrillers and espionage, but you can dig into mysteries, police procedurals, and crime dramas based on your favorite television series, movies, and novels. 

Hippogryph System

Hippogryph is the collision of classic fantasy roleplaying tropes and modern character-driven games. Like the legendary creature, this system is more than the sum of its parts.  Blending established legacy fundamentals with flexible, do-it-yourself game ideals is why the Hippogryph System is Where Story Meets Tradition.