Print On Demand Update

We’re waiting on the corrected proof for Setting Design. There was only one tweak that needed to be made based on the first proof.

The proofs for Building Characters and Story Structure have been ordered. The same tweak the Setting Design file needed was made prior to submission to the printer, so hopefully these are good to go on the first try.

As soon as we receive the proofs, we can look them over and sign off on them. Then all three of those titles will be available to order from DriveThruRPG.

The pricing is going to be $9.99 each for print + PDF (+ epub + mobi). There will be a link so those who already have the digital version can purchase the print books for $5 each + shipping.

All three books are also in the pipeline at Amazon. This is for the people who have stated a preference for Amazon’s POD. The price is the same, but you don’t get any of the digital formats included. We recommend going through DriveThruRPG.

In the next couple of days, we’ll give you an update on the Lighthouse System and the first playset we’ll be releasing.

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