Currently in development, Pastel is tabletop roleplaying game system with no combat mechanics. There are no rules for attack or defense. Characters don’t have hit points or other ways of tracking injuries. That doesn’t mean that there’s no conflict. You can still have action, dramatic tension, and genuine danger. It simply means that the system doesn’t automatically default to resolving every issue with violence.

The emphasis, then, shifts to other forms of problem solving. Diplomacy, investigation, and creativity are encouraged and rewarded. It opens up roleplaying to whole new genres, and a completely different perspective on tabletop storytelling. Imagine cozy fantasy, contemplative science fiction, thrilling mysteries, and emotional romance. Pastel will work across a broad spectrum of settings, from family-friendly adventure to complex literary sagas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Pastel?

Because it’s softer, but still colorful.