Offline for the Next Several Days

Starting now, I will be offline for the next several days. My laptop is dying. The replacement is en route. The dance of backing things up, installing software, and restoring essential files will be occupying my time. Rather than taxing the old machine or trying to work with the new one before I have it configured the way I want it, I’m taking a brief respite from the internet. Realistically it probably won’t take long, but I want to avoid any unnecessary frustration. Sidestepping pointless annoyance is also why I won’t be trying to run things from my phone.
I will answer email and social media messages when I’m back online. Expect me to be away until at least next Tuesday or Wednesday. Work at DXP will continue. There are printouts to edit, research books to read, notes to review, and whiteboards to update. The Secret Newsletter is written and scheduled for Sunday. You won’t even notice I’m gone unless you suddenly have some game design emergency that only I could answer, and honestly, how likely is that?
Now go forth and buy things. I have to pay for a new laptop.
I hope you’re doing well today.
Berin Kinsman
Man in the Arena