October 2021 Goal Review

October 2021 Goal Review: Let’s review the progress I’ve made toward my October 2021 goals. Director’s Cut Books? Merch drops? Risks and challenges? Here we go…

Director’s Cut Books

The first wave of Building Characters, Building Worlds, and Building Adventures is now in the hands of editors and proofreaders that aren’t me. Once they’ve been thoroughly scoured for typos and other issues, they will finally be sent off to the printer.

I am currently working on the next wave, which will be the Director’s Cut of the DoubleZero books. This is by popular demand. Everyone wants more DoubleZero, so that line has become my priority.

See Risks and Challenges, below, for the laundry list of issues that have me wanting to slam my head in a car door.

Merch Drop

There is merch.

Risks and Challenges

To say I’m struggling at this point is an understatement. This is getting broken down into subheadings, which isn’t a good sign. Here’s the rundown:

Print-on-demand delays

Per DriveThruRPG, “Print time for POD books shipped to Canada and the United States is currently slow.” For hardcovers, they’re citing 16 to 20 business days before a book (including proofs) gets printed. Basically a month. That doesn’t include the time it takes to approve a proof, which in my experience takes about a week. It also doesn’t include shipping time, so another week. Hopefully, there are no issues with the proof, because if there are corrections necessary that’s another 6 weeks.

Basically, even if I submitted the Director’s Cut books today, I likely wouldn’t receive proofs back until the last week of November. This means I will likely need to go back to adding print-on-demand releases after dropping the digital versions for a while. I want to release them simultaneously, but I can’t go the rest of the year without releasing anything.

New laptop

I was hoping to get through the end of the year with my old machine. It had other plans. Several days were lost to backing things up, waiting for the new machine to arrive, and then reinstalling and restoring everything to the new machine. I need to reacquaint myself with a non-Nordic keyboard. Moving from a 17-inch laptop to a 15.6-inch laptop (because no bag truly fits a 17-inch laptop and it’s always been a pain taking it anywhere) has also thrown me off, keyboard-wise. The practical issue at this point is more typos until I re-acclimate.

Windows 11

New laptop, new OS. This is going to sound like whining, but the taskbar in Windows 11 is locked at the bottom. I have always kept it on the top of the screen. It’s a minor thing, but along with the keyboard it’s thrown off my familiar workflows.


At this point, I’m calling it a bad reaction to a flu shot. After receiving said inoculation all of my chronic ailments kicked into overdrive. My physical and mental health is always a factor under “risks and challenges” but this cost me about3 days on top of the computer issues.


It’s been 4 months since my wife and I moved from Jyväskylä, Finland to Wilmington, Delaware. Honestly, moving back to the United States has been harder than moving to Europe was. The culture shock is a lot rougher. I am struggling with a lot of things that I won’t go into here, but it’s definitely having a negative effect on my overall productivity. There are no answers on how to get past it, other than to keep pushing forward.


I hope you’re doing well today.

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