On Being an Obscure Game Designer

My name is Berin, and I am an obscure game designer. As of this writing I have 105 titles available for sale on DriveThruRPG, including bundles. All of them are best sellers. Less than 9% of all title on the site ever qualify for even the lowest-level medallion. By that metric, I’m in the top 10% of publishers. I’ve also got a 4.7 (out of 5) publisher rating, which is based on customer reviews. I don’t have another job, and have paid all of the bills doing nothing but this for over 3 years.

Yet very few people have ever heard of me. I don’t advertise, and get by on a mailing list and word of mouth. My work isn’t talked about on forums and social media. Neither I nor anything I have created have ever been nominated for an award. No one seems to take me or my work seriously. I’m okay with that. I enjoy what I’m doing, I have a lot of creative freedom, and the rent gets paid.

On Being an Obscure Game Designer

The people who get what I do seem to really get it. While I do occasionally run into a rando that has some weird objection to what I do and how I do it, they tend to wander off in a haze of boredom and disinterest rather than make a crusade out of proving my wrongness. I am grateful for that kind of obscurity. While it would be great to have better sales and make more money, I’m happy living without the attention. The cost of fame is more than I want to bear.

About Dancing Lights Press

Dancing Lights Press publishes story games that embrace a minimalist aesthetic in design and presentation. Our print books are affordable, at $10 or less. The 6×9 digest format makes them convenient to carry around. The spotlight belongs on the creativity of the players as they converse and collaborate on plot, worldbuilding, and character development. Roleplaying is an activity, not a book. Our titles are merely part of the delivery system.

You can buy Dancing Light Press products at DriveThruRPG

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