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Now Available: Hippogryph System Reference Document

Hippogryph SRDThe Hippogryph System Reference Document (SRD) is now available for download from the Dancing Lights Press website. It is a single zip folder with 3 plain text files, and contains all of the material from the Core Book released under the Open Gaming License. You can download the SRD from the Shop. The complete game is available at in the shop and at DriveThruRPG.

Hippogryph is a d20-based, story-driven tabletop fantasy roleplaying system. It is the collision of the D20 System and Fate RPG, but like the legendary creature it is more than the sum of its parts. This isn’t off-brand D&D with Fate aspects stapled on, nor is it a collection of feats, spells, and class abilities translated into Fate terms. This is a unique system that blends established legacy fundamentals with flexible, DIY story game ideals. The Hippogryph System: Story Meets Tradition.

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Now Available: Hippogryph System Reference Document