November 2018 Status Update

Here’s a quick update on what’s happening here at Dancing Lights Press!
Lighthouse System is being rewritten from the ground-up. The core mechanic and basic philosophy remain the same, but it will be more solid and less of a DIY toolkit. The bid system (now called the risk system) has been streamlined, and character abilities are more concrete. It feels more like a game and less like a manifesto. The toolkit options are still there, but they’re options and not front-and-center like before.
As for a release date… it will be ready when it’s ready. Wolfgang Baur once said that a late book is only late once, but a bad book is bad forever. We’ve been working hard to improve the quality of the writing and the editing (especially the editing), but as a small shop these things take time.
Playsets: We had a playset on the schedule for release this month, but… we can’t tell you what happened there until November 5th. It’s a pretty good reason to nerf a book until next year. Stay tuned.
Print-on-demand: The original plan was to offer most new releases as POD, and slowly convert our backlist titles so we could begin to offer them. We started with our 3 most popular titles, and… they’re not selling well. So we’re not going to spend the time converting any more older, less popular titles. We will continue to offer new releases as POD, because we’re now producing things in a print-ready format, but we’re not going backward.
Worldbuilding Power: To fill the gap left by the cancellation of the backlist POD, we’re starting a new series. Worldbuilding Power sort of picks up where the Foragers Guild Guides left off. They take a topic, and explore how it fits with worldbuilding, character development, and story ideas. While the are still setting- and system-agnostic and still geared toward fantasy, they are also aligned with the Lighthouse System, and use its principles and terminology.
Foragers Guild: This is going to be a key setting for the Lighthouse System. One of the first playsets will be set in this fantasy universe. If it does well, more are planned.
That’s it! More news as it happens! Big announcement coming on November 5th!
If you have any questions or feedback, leave it in the comments below!

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