Director’s Cut Editions and Bundles

In an effort to make yesterday’s update as simple as possible, I forgot to mention bundles. There were a lot of questions, so I’ve put together this mini-FAQ with everything I can think of about the Director’s Cut Editions and bundles.

Director’s Cut Editions and Bundles

  • All DXP bundles are 20% off the price of individual books.
  • You only pay for books you haven’t previously purchased at DriveThruRPG. If you already own one of the books, the price is automatically adjusted to reflect that.
  • Most existing bundles will be updated to reflect the new editions. There will be some new bundles released alongside the new editions. Other bundles will be discontinued and replaced with smaller bundles to keep price points reasonable.

1st Edition Bundle

2nd Edition Bundle

  • The coupon codes sent out for individual titles are for 40% off. The bundles are 20% off. If you’re upgrading from 1st edition to 2nd edition and have received discount codes, use them.
  • If you purchased a 1st edition book from DriveThruRPG but not the equivalent 2nd edition book and did not get coupon codes, be sure you have opted in to receive emails from us through DriveThruRPG. Look on the left-hand column of our page, in website view (not mobile), under “Follow Your Favorites”. I will be sending reminders with the codes on the 15th and 30th.
  • There is a bundle that contains the entire Building Series, including the 3 titles that will be upgraded to Director’s Cuts in the first wave. This bundle will eventually be replaced by two smaller bundles (the one listed immediately below, and a new bundle) to keep the price point reasonable.
  • There is a bundle that contains only the 3 titles in question. This bundle will continue to exist and but updated when the Director’s Cut editions are released.
  • Yes, when the price of the individual titles goes up, the price of the bundle will increase as well. It will always be 20% off the collective price of the individual titles.

I Want to Make This as Simple as Possible

I want to make this as simple as possible. 

If DriveThruRPG shows that you have purchased one of the following “first edition” system-neutral books but have not purchased the current edition, I have sent you a coupon code for a discounted upgrade. Provided, of course, that you have opted in to receive email from Dancing Lights Press via DriveThruRPG. The affected titles are:

At the end of October, those editions are being removed from the catalog.

The current editions are being revised and reformatted into Director’s Cut editions. Prices will be increasing when the new editions drop. If you have purchased the current versions prior to the release of the revised editions, you will automatically receive the digital updates. They will appear in your Library on DriveThruRPG. The current editions are:

The PDF/ebook versions, print-on-demand hardcover, and related merch will all be released simultaneously. The release date is dependent on how quickly the printer is able to send me proofs for approval.

Other titles in the System-Neutral line will be receiving the Director’s Cut treatment in future waves. If you have purchased those titles prior to the new edition’s release, you will get the updated digital files for free.

DoubleZero will be receiving the Director’s Cut treatment in future waves. If you have purchased those titles prior to the new edition’s release, you will get the updated digital files for free.

Serious, I want to make this as simple as possible. If you’re confused or have questions, please contact me. 

I hope you’re doing well today.

Berin Kinsman
Man in the Arena
Dancing Lights Press 

October 2021 Goals

It’s time to establish my October 2021 goals. The easiest way to do this is to look at how I did in September. I’m going to continue anything incomplete and build on the foundation of my successes.

Director’s Cut Books

The new goal is to have them off to the printer by the 15th. I would like to have proofs back from the printer by the end of the month, but that’s likely a stretch. The pandemic is still creating delays, and many publishers are doing print runs in anticipation of Christmas. I wanted the first phase completed in September, but for purposes of long-term planning ended up having to reformat everything from A5 (bullet journal) to 6×9 (digest) format. I’m prioritizing doing it right over doing it fast.

First Merch Drop

My original goal was to have at least a t-shirt available by the end of September. I’m picky, though. Again, doing it right is more important than doing it fast. Merch is a new aspect of the business, and I want to start with a strong foundation. As new territory for DXP, I’m up against a learning curve, but that’s okay. The new goal is two shirts available ASAP.

No New Goals

I have pages and pages filled with things I want to accomplish. For the moment, I think it’s best to finish chewing what I’ve already bitten off. At the mid-month review, I might revisit this. Depending on how the Director’s Cut and initial merch drop go, I may add something. For now, I’m not putting myself under any additional pressure.

Risks and Challenges

Heeding my advice, I’m working this into the monthly goal process. What I learned in September is that I still have not fully recovered from a drastic life change back in June. At the start of the summer, I was still in Finland, living under different circumstances. While my work remains the same, and I’ve essentially recreated my workspace (I bought the same desk, the same lamp, and a nearly identical chair), everything else is new. I have not settled in here yet, and I have only begun to process the change emotionally. It has affected the work and slowed things down.

Acknowledging that is the first step toward resolution, but this is going to be a process. One perk of being self-employed is that I define what work/life balance means to me. Instead of pushing harder when I feel like I’m falling behind, I need to take a moment and deal with things in healthy and productive ways.

I hope you’re doing well today.

Berin Kinsman
Man in the Arena
Dancing Lights Press

September 2021 Goal Review: Final

September 2021 Goal Review

It’s the end of the month. Time for the September 2021 goal review. Let’s see how I did.

Release the Director’s Cut Books

I hit a major production issue. Getting books printed in A5 format is proving to be more difficult than it needs to be. The problem isn’t DriveThruRPG’s print-on-demand. Lightning Source can do A5. Amazon, on the other hand, does not support A5. In spite of my opinions regarding their labor practices, they’re a huge marketplace. I want to make my physical books available there. Amazon is also my gateway to retail distribution.

I don’t want one version of the book available on one platform, and a different version on another. This means the books are going back to 6″x9″ digest-sized. It’s not a tragedy, because that format still meets my criteria for small and portable. As much as I wanted bullet-journal-sized books, it’s not the end of the world.

The bottom line is that I now need to reformat all of the books to 6″x9″ when I was almost done getting them all just perfect in A5.

My future charitable contributions will include supporting an organization seeking to get America on the metric system. It’s well past time this country joins the rest of the world.

Launch The Secret Newsletter

The first edition of The Secret Newsletter went out last Sunday. The second edition goes out next Sunday. The frequency isn’t going to be weekly, but I think Sundays as I have something worthwhile to share is a good benchmark.

Drop Our First Merch

I’m going to break this news on next Sunday’s edition of The Secret Newsletter. For those not subscribed, there will be an announcement here on the site sometime next week.

Keep a Developer’ Journal

I’ve managed to post something every day during the month of September. That was to build the habit. I expect this to drop back to 3 or 4 times per week during October or November. The greater frequency at launch is because I’ve had things to say. Going forward I want to focus on quality over quantity. I’m not going to bang out a post just to fill a hole in the schedule. My objective is to share meaningful thoughts, insights, and updates.