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New Video: Hardboiled Follies

New Video: Hardboiled Follies

In  this video I talk about the upcoming Hardboiled Follies: Farce Noir Roleplaying. It’s a satire of film noir, hardboiled detective stories, and escapism. As a result, all of the protagonists all seem to suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect and take themselves, and the situations they’re in, far too seriously.

You hate your job. Your relationship is on the rocks. We won’t even get into your financial woes. Obviously something has to change. What you need is to inject some excitement into your life. The only logical thing to do is to become a private investigator!

Farce Noir Roleplaying

In Hardboiled Follies, you take on the role of a completely unqualified amateur detective. You and your friends avoid your real problems by taking on cases and going undercover to solve mysteries. Opposing you are the trained and licensed professionals of the Columbia Detective Agency. They urge you to stop what you’re doing before someone gets seriously hurt. Therefore, you know they just hate having competition.

This product will contain the following (subject to change):

  • Welcome to Hardboiled Follies – An overview of the game, with the standard sections on what you need to play and how to use this book.
  • The World of The City Proper – An overview of the game’s setting, a lighthearted version of the real world filled with crime, corruption, and shockingly little violence.
  • Amateur Detectives – Background on you and your friends, who will help you crack cases wide open.
  • The Columbia Detective Agency – Your rivals are an esteemed organization that dates back to the 19th century, trained and licensed private investigators.
  • Supporting Characters – Potential clients, criminals, law enforcement, and ordinary people you’ll meet along the way as you work to solve the mystery.
  • Lighthouse System – All the mechanics you need to play, with a focus on storytelling, character development, and narrative task resolution.
  • Creating a Mystery – Advice on structuring and running farce noir mystery stories, so you can use all of the elements included in the books.
  • PDF, epub, and Kindle format versions

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