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We Bring Our Lived Experiences to the Table

We bring our lived experiences to the table. From the movies we’ve seen to the kind of day we had before the session began, all of that will frame our interpretation of in-game events, the behavior of our fellow players, and the rules themselves. Where the information in the books can be carefully planned, though, human behavior is always a wild card.

Characters exist within the context of the adventure. It will frame their abilities by giving them the opportunity to use them. Their values are framed by the choices they make. The adventure itself requires the context of the setting, which establishes many possibilities while limiting or excluding others. Every setting is framed by the rules they’re built around, which manage not just what things can be done, but how they are done.

I can’t help but think about the parallels there. We choose our escapism very carefully. It’s not just about what we’re escaping from, it’s what we’re trying to escape to. Fantasy, science fiction, horror, superheroes, every genre scratches a different itch. We make characters that allow us to do things we can’t. Each meets a need.

While I have no idea where I’m going with this, there’s an obvious truth here. This bear further examination.

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We Bring Our Lived Experiences to the Table

RPGaDay is an annual event held each August. It asks tabletop gamers to use provided daily prompts to express something fun, interesting, and positive about the hobby. David F. Chapman (Autocratik), the award-winning game designer, created it.

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