Lighthouse System

Lighthouse System

A simple, universal storygame system.

This book contains everything you need to create settings, characters, and stories and play them out. Players narrative duties with the guide, making the system highly collaborative. Bid on the degree of success you’d like… as well as the degree of failure you’re willing to accept.

The book contains the follow, divided into easy-to-reference sections:

Learn the System

How the core mechanic works, the types of actions characters can take, and how to narrate outcomes. Control your character’s degree of success and complications of failure through the use of risk dice, a simple bid system.

Build a World

Engage in meaningful worldbuilding. Create as much of the setting as you need to convey important ideas and guide the characters through the story. Keep preparation to a minimum by sticking to details you’re most likely to use. Three short sample settings are provided.

Create Characters

Create all of the essential elements necessary to portray the protagonists of the story. Learn how descriptive traits work. Look over sample pregenerated characters provided for three sample settings. Give your character wonders, special abilities like magic and superpowers.

Tell a Story

Notes on guiding the beginning, the middle, and the end of the story. Learn how each section of the story affects the characters and the setting. See how the system and the story interact on things like recovery and character development.

Guide the Game

Advice on managing the group, the story, and the system. Maintain the canon for your game, to uphold continuity, build more of the world, and find future stories. Create and run antagonists, supporting characters, and groups.

Available now at DriveThruRPG.

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