Lighthouse System Release “Sometime on Friday”

UPDATE: It’s available now!

Lighthouse System will be out on Friday. Don’t ask me what time, because I can’t tell you. I’m going to be as transparent about this as possible.

It is possible to upload everything to DriveThruRPG ahead of time and schedule it. Given the ongoing issues with publisher tools on their site, you should understand my reluctance to trust a “fire and forget” solution. I also cannot schedule a customer email through their system announcing its availability (and sharing a discount code, for those who have opted in). That has to be done live and in real time.

“Sometime on Friday”

I’m not going to be in the office most of the day on Friday. There are pressing personal things that I have to attend to, and that’s my only window to do them. It’s a situation that could take me five minutes to resolve, or it could tie me up for most of the day. So, I’m going to try to get everything uploaded and live in the morning my time (EET, Eastern European Time), but if there are server issues with DriveThru and I have to leave, I may not be able to ride herd on the process until late afternoon or evening.

As I’m writing this, DriveThruRPG is giving me a “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” message. The whole site is offline. Maybe this means everything will be fixed by Friday. It could mean that intermittent issues could continue. There’s the possibility that more things could get broken.

If for some reason the site keeps having conniptions, I will continue trying to upload the files. I will persist throughout the weekend. Please be patient. I have every faith that the people are DriveThruRPG are doing all they can to fix these issues as soon as possible. It’s hurting them far more than it’s hurting me and you.

Download your copy of the Lighthouse System now!

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