Leaving Soon: Lighthouse System

The best selling Lighthouse Roleplaying System and related playsets are being discontinued. As of 1 September 2021, they will no longer be available on DriveThruRPG. Lighthouse was my attempt to create universal rules-light mechancis that I could use as the official house system and hang settings on. It was admittedly a little too experimental for mainstream tastes, and a bit jangly in its execution. The concepts that I was playing with have largely been folded into other games. The closest thing to an official successor will be the Pastel System, due out next year.

Leaving Soon: Lighthouse Roleplaying System

These products have finished out their life cycles. Demand has dropped, and they have been part of the RPG Dollar Store for a while now. As we work on becoming the lo-fi publisher you deserve some of these titles, as useful as they are, do not meet our new standards of quality and design. It’s time to clear away the old to make room for the new.

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We champion the lo-fi approach to publishing. Utility of content takes precedence over ostentatious production value. Text is clear and concise. Graphic elements exist only to enhance the text. Books are compact, sturdy, and portable. This aesthetic creates toolkits that are useful and affordable. The game isn’t the book; it’s the creativity and collaboration that happens around the tabletop.